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Automatically generate all the paperwork you need for each step of the rental process:

Manage paperwork across your portfolio to ensure Fair Housing compliance and that only the latest versions of your forms are used. Enforce your leasing policies by only allowing your staff to print leases for applicants approved by your criteria. Your leasing staff simply clicks a button to print the lease forms, it's easy!

Decision Tools

The quicker you can access essential screening data the sooner you can take the next steps toward a quality rental decision. Screening Reports, Inc., provides a customized solution for landlords and management companies to make objective, consistent and accurate rental decisions allowing you to increase your NOI.

Screening Reports, Inc. offers an automated applicant screening platform that includes your screening criteria. We integrate your applicant screening criteria with our data base technology and customer service to bring you the most thorough and cost effective applicant resident screening platform on the market today.

Screening Reports, Inc's decision platform combines credit reports, criminal data, eviction data, previous rental performance data, and previous employment history data to determine an applicant's ability and willingness to pay the rent.


End user reports are available so you can see a picture of your business and your markets. With our Management Reports, you will find the exact information you need to make better decisions. Reports that show: